COVID 19 UPDATE - Effective measures for improving & adapting security systems.
To reduce risks and protect your employees and visitors.

Use your video systems capabilities to the full, configure your VMS for FACE MASK DETECTION, create auto alerts when a person entering a certain area is NOT wearing a mask.

Deploy an EBT (elevated body temperature) device. To effectively screen for higher than normal temperatures of people entering your building.

Install a visitor management system. If you already have one deployed, introduce an automated enquiry for pre-screening of visitors. Create a policy for responses to a set of questions about general health and possible exposure to a contagious virus.

Introduce or configure intelligent video analytics to determine people flow dynamics. Generate notifications where people are gathering, moving in a restricted direction or have failed to observe other space occupying policies.

Re-evaluate and adjust your Access Control configurations. Introduce new refined access levels and time profiles to provide greater environmental control and occupancy in areas.

Maximize your security system integrations. Streamline all processes and produce an autonomous notification program by creating workable connectivity between Access Control, Visitor Management, Video Surveillance and EBT devices

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